Couples Negril Jamaica All Inclusive

by Linda
(Greenville, SC)

Couples Negril All Inclusive Resort is in Negril, Jamaica in the Caribbean

How do you rate your vacation at the Couples All Inclusive resort?

5 stars

What were your favorite things about the Couples Negril Resort?

The friendliness of the people. They are the best. They can't do enough for you. The food options are great to.

What were your least favorite things about the resort?

I really can't think of anything I didn't like. Maybe that they didn't have enough reggie music.

What are your best tips for future travelers to the Negril Couples Resort Jamaica?

Pack light. You will be in your bathing suit much of the time. No need for to much else.

Who would you recommend this all inclusive Jamaica resort too?

I have recommended it to family and friends already. Plus a lot of my facebook friends. This is a great place for weddings or newly weds, too.

Editor's Notes

See our Romantic Travel Destinations page for more details on choosing the best adult only all inclusive vacation packages.

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