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General Cuba Travel Information

Located in the northwest Caribbean, Cuba has numerous white sand beaches and is surrounded by turquoise waters - what more could you ask for!  Many of the beaches have a very gradual slant and the water is shallow for hundreds of feet.  While the majority of the island is fairly fat, about a quarter of the island is covered in lush mountains great for jungle tours and the like.  And of course you know that Cuba is famous for it’s world-renowned cigars!

Approximately 11 million people live in Cuba with the official language being Spanish.  A large majority of tourist related employees speak at some English though. 

The international airport is about 25 kilometres southwest of the capital city Havana.

Electrical appliances generally plug in with the two flat prong plugs (North American style) but some hotels have round prong plugs (European style).  The current is 60 Hz, 110/230 volts AC.



Weather in Cuba

The best weather in Cuba is between January and May – after hurricane season but before the Cuba temperatures soar in the summer months.  January to May are also the driest months in Cuba.  Humidity levels in the summer months often reach 95% so be prepared if you’re planning your holiday between June and August!


Cuba Food

Cuba is not well known for its food.  Travellers often complain that Cuba food is bland and some tropical fruits, salad etc that you might expect are not often available or may not be of good quality - even at the five star all inclusive resorts.  Most of the issues with Cuban food have to do with supply to the island.  Cuba may not be the right all inclusive vacation for you if you’re looking for five star dining!

Currency Used in Cuba

Two different currencies are used in Cuba - one for tourists and one for locals.  The convertible peso (CUC$) is the currency used in Cuba by tourists.  It’s often called the “tourist dollar” and the locals use notes called the Cuban Peso (CUP). 

US dollars are not used for trade in Cuba and exchanging US dollars incurs a penalty in Cuba so you may want to pre-plan for this by carrying Euros or Canadian dollars instead.

Best Cuba Tours

While at a Cuba all inclusive vacation it’s definitely worth while to leave the resort on occasion!  There are a number of excellent tours available including these favorites:

  • It’s unquestionable worth it to plan a day trip to Havana to see “old Cuba” in less of a tourist environment even though it's a tour hour bus ride from most of the resort areas.
  • The swim with the dolphins tour was also given high rankings compared with swim with the dolphins in other locations due to the small groups and amount of time spent with the dolphins.
  • Another favourite was the four wheel drive jungle tour.


Tips for Travel to Cuba

  • Tipping will get you a bit better service (as is the case with many all inclusive vacations) – take some small bills for tipping
  • Staff appreciate gifts such as cosmetics, toiletries, clothes, or children’s school supplies as much or more than money since these items are often hard to come by in Cuba and often cash tips are shared amongst all hotel staff rather than kept by the individual.
  • American credit cards are not accepted in Cuba
  • Be prepared for quite aggressive beggars and sales people in Havana if you’re not with an organized tour
  • You need a passport and a Cuba travel visa (travel card) to enter Cuba
  • Many tourists have been injured riding mopeds in Cuba, exercise caution if you rent mopeds
  • Be sure to take all the toiletries you’ll need as things like Advil, deodorant, and shaving cream are hard to find in Cuba
  • Christmas, Easter, spring break, and July and August are the busiest times at Cuba resorts.

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